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Creating A Unique Ocean-Themed Bathroom: Ideas For You

When you decide to remodel your bathroom and choose an ocean-themed bathroom design, you may wonder what you can do to make your bathroom remodel unique and customized to your taste. Luckily, there are a myriad of ways that you can remodel your bathroom to incorporate an ocean theme without making it run-of-the-mill or perfunctory. So, before you get started with your big bathroom remodeling project, get to know some of the ways that you can add unique ocean elements. Then you will be able to incorporate them into your project.

Install a Seashell or Ice Break Shaped Sink

The vast majority of sinks are plain and standard in shape, size, and color. They are beige or some similar shade of white or off-white and a standard oval shape. When it comes to making your ocean bathroom unique, you can start with one of the elements that is almost always plain and dull.

There are unique sink options available that look like something straight out of the natural world. Sinks shaped like fossilized seashells are one option. These spiral sinks are sloped so that the outer portion of the shell is underneath the faucet and is more shallow. As the sink spirals into the body of the shell, the sink gets deeper and slopes to the drain.

Another option is to get yourself a sink that is level with the bathroom countertop and looks as if it is a break in a glacier or in the Arctic ice sheet. These unique and customizable sinks will make your bathroom look more natural and organically ocean-like.

Create a Mosaic Tile Design for Your Walls

Rather than paint your walls a basic shade of white or blue as a basic backdrop for other decorations, why not make your wall the ocean decoration itself? One of the most creative and unique ways that you can accomplish this is to create a mosaic from multicolored wall tiles.

Using small ceramic or glazed wall tiles, you can create a wave and beach scene for your bathroom design. A large wave in shades of blue against a backdrop of yellows and shades of beige will solidify your design and make it wholly yours and unlike any other person's ocean-themed bathroom.

With these ideas in mind, you can begin your bathroom remodeling project with the confidence you need ensure that your new ocean-themed bathroom will be unique and beautiful. So get started as soon as possible.  

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