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How To Use Plants And Flowers In Home Office Decoration

Plants have been shown to decrease stress and improve productivity by 12% in office environments. If you have a home office, you can use plants and flowers in your interior decoration to be more productive and less stressed in your own home. Although there are many ways to use flowers in home office decorations, here are a few ideas to consider.

Take advantage of hard-to-kill plants

Real plants have the advantage of creating fresh air and reducing possible mold, but sometimes it's not easy to take care of a plant, especially in an office setting. If you're not good at keeping a plant alive, consider choosing a desert or other type of plant that doesn't need a lot of care. Options for this type of plant include pothos, ficus, spider plant, or aloe vera. With a little bit of research based on the conditions of your home office, you can find a hard-to-kill plant that will enhance your office space.

Match office colors to plants

When you are choosing plants, you can choose foliage that has a color of green complementary to the colors of the furniture, wood, and walls of your office. You can also combine easy-to-care-for plants with flowers to give the room a fresh, cheerful look. For this, it is an advantage to use fake flowers because you won't have to worry about watering them or about leaves and petals dying and falling off. The best news about silk flowers is that they can come in any color you need them to so that you can match your plants to your custom drapes, carpet, or furniture without much hassle. You can either go with a direct color match, or experiment with options on the color wheel to find colors that will work together. For example, if you use a lot of blues in your office, you could use the complimentary color orange to make your office space more vibrant.

Change for the season

You might want to have permanent plants that you don't ever have to change, but it's also fun to have flowers and plants for different times of the year so that you don't grow bored with your office space. In the spring, you could have a simple arrangement of silk daisies, daffodils, and tulips. In the fall, orange and red flowers arranged in a basket of plastic fruit can add a seasonal feel. In winter, you can incorporate evergreen sprigs and pinecones into arrangements of red or white flowers. Summer, of course, has almost no limits to the types of arrangements that you can choose.

Create your own arrangements for a personal touch

One of the best way to incorporate flowers into your office to give it a personal touch is to create your own arrangements. You can do this by putting succulents or other green plants into small pots that are arranged together in the window or on top of the desk or hanging from the ceiling. You can also go to a craft store and buy several flowers you like in a similar color and put them together in a clear vase with fake rocks at the bottom. You might think that you don't have the talent to design flowers, but the truth is that flowers are pretty enough that they are hard to mess up when you are arranging them. Even if it doesn't have a professional look, the personal touch you add to the office can help keep you calm and happy when you spend a lot of time working on a project there.

There are countless ways to incorporate plants into your home office space, and doing so will help make your office a happier space. Visit Botany Decorating for more options.

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