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Converting A Spare Bedroom Into A Walk-In Closet: Four Luxury Amenities To Add To Your Space

Spare bedrooms often sit unused unless you have out-of-town guests. Converting your spare bedroom into a walk-in closet gives you the space to create a glamorous space for all your clothing and accessories. Here are four luxury additions you should consider to transform the spare bedroom into a lavish closet.

Shoe Display Wall

To create a Hollywood starlet-worthy display for your shoes, consider adding a shoe display wall. With all the space available in your spare bedroom, you can create the perfect amount of display space to fit your needs. The display can be custom built to fit your current shoe collection, or you can opt for a larger shelving system to make room for future additions to your collection. Each shelf should be on a slight angle so your shoes are easy to identify, and you will want the shelf height to be varied so you can accommodate tall boots as well as sandals. Consider adding small mirrors along the bottom of your shoe wall so you can try on different pairs and see how they look with your hosiery. Talk to your contractor about crown molding-style shelves or other decorative touches that make your shoe display look more elegant.

Closet Island

Island storage units aren't just for the kitchen. Your closet contractor can install an island in the center of your new custom closet that provides storage space for your folded items. Small drawers provide a space for intimate apparel and hosiery, while shelved cabinets offer storage for hats and handbags. If you have a collection of costume or fine jewelry, you can add velvet-lined jewelry drawers to the island that keep your pieces neat and secure. You can use the top surface of the island for additional storage, or you can use it to display a decorative vase with flowers to create a stunning centerpiece in the room.

Custom Lighting

The right lighting concept can create the luxury feel you want in your walk-in closet. You can choose recessed lighting for all of the clothing bays along the walls, which gives you the light needed to find the perfect outfit for every occasion. A chandelier in the center of the room brings an upscale finishing touch to your space. Work with your contractor to create a custom lighting scheme that works for your space. If your spare bedroom already has a ceiling fan or light fixture in the center of the room, installing the chandelier is as easy as switching out the fixtures.

Glass Display Cases

Glass display cases create a high-end boutique feel in your closet. They can be placed on top of a chest of drawers or they can be built into your shelving. These cases are used to display your most expensive or treasured pieces, such as a designer purse or scarf collection. You can also place your finest jewelry pieces on neck forms and display them in the cases to create a sparkling display in your closet.

Work with your contractor to come up with other options for your new walk-in closet. You'll be able to create luxurious space in your spare bedroom that you'll be sure to use every day.

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