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Creating A Custom Curtain Arrangement In Your Bathroom

Finding beautiful curtains for your bathroom can be a challenge. You may have a small window, which can make it more difficult to make an impactful style statement with drapes, or you may just have a hard time finding a look you want. Fortunately, there are some custom curtain options you can use to create a stunning look in your home. Here are a few design elements to consider.

Grommet-Style Curtains

Grommet-style curtains slip onto a curtain rod for easy installation, but this setup also provides an added benefit in the bathroom. By using curtains with grommets, you can mirror the look of your shower curtain. This creates a more cohesive look in the bathroom, and it gives you a great opportunity to create custom drapes and a custom shower curtain. Using the same pattern or a coordinating one, you can create a look for the tub and the window that's unique to your bathroom.

Cornice Valances

Corice valances can be as minimalist or as ornate as you like, and they can be installed with or without flowing curtains underneath. For some, the cornice valance adds just the right amount of color without making the room too busy. For a minimalist look, choose a custom cornice in slate gray or crisp white. Vintage-inspired designs can be a bit more decorative, with swags and adornments completing the look. Pair the valance with simple blinds for added privacy, or create an entire look with drapes that coordinate with the valance. Remember that you can also have a custom cornice valance made for your bathtub area, which hides the curtain rod for a more built-in look.

Floor-To-Ceiling Curtains

For small bathrooms, sometimes a big statement can give the room a large appearance. A bare wall covered in floor-to-ceiling curtains can create the illusion of more space behind the drapes while also adding a focal point to the room. You can use this idea even if your bathroom doesn't have a window. Consider having custom drapes made for your space, and look at the different ways you want to hang them. A traditional curtain rod can do the trick, but some people may prefer a ceiling installation. Installing a track for the curtains on the ceiling eliminates any gap areas you might otherwise have with a traditional curtain rod.

Once you determine which type of curtain options you want to go with, begin thinking about colors and patterns. Coordinating the colors with the existing decor will help give your bathroom a pulled-together look. For more information, contact a company like Sav-Mor Interiors.

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