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How To Figure Out Your Interior Design Style

If you are thinking about hiring interior designers to help you redecorate and redo your home, you may be excited to get the process started. However, you do not want to just jump right in and hire an interior designer without having any idea of your own personal interior design style. If you do so, you may frustrate your interior designer or end up with a home design that you do not completely love or enjoy. As such, it is important to figure out your interior design style. Find out how to figure out your interior design style and then you can get on with hiring an interior designer and getting your home redone as soon as possible. 

Pick Out the Pieces You Love in Your Home

One of the steps to take when looking into your interior design style is to look around your home as it is now. What pieces or items do you absolutely love and adore? Take a close look at those items. What do they have in common? Or are they very different and unrelated?

If they are different and seemingly unrelated, you may have an eclectic interior design style. This is when you mix and match patterns and styles from various interior design styles.

If the pieces have something in common, what is that? For example, all of your favorite pieces may be kitschy items that you inherited from a grandmother. Then your style could be more of a 1950's or 1960's campy vibe. Alternatively, your favorite items might be sleek and new and be more modern or minimalist in style. 

Look at Style Pictures

Go online to Pinterest or on a search engine and look up interior design styles. You could, for example, look up mid-century modern design or Scandinavian design and find a bunch of images depicting spaces and rooms in those design schemes. 

Look at the pictures of different styles and pin or save the ones that you like the best. This may mean you save pictures of a few different interior design style options. That's okay. Nobody said you have to narrow it down to just one style option. Your interior designer can take from the two or three styles you like and combine them in a unique and interesting way. 

Take Online Style Quizzes

There are several styles and interior design websites that offer style quizzes to help you figure out what interior design style is right for you and your home. Take a few of these quizzes and see what results pop up. Then, do what you did before and look up pictures of that design style. 

With any luck, those quizzes will successfully guide you to one or two styles that you absolutely love and will want to discuss with your interior designer. 

Now that you know a few ways to figure out your interior design style, you can take these steps and call an interior designer to get your project started as soon as possible.  

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