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Three Places To Use Tile That Mimics Wood

When you visit a local tile store to shop for tile for your home, you can expect to see lots of different styles. One popular type of tile today is tile that mimics the appearance of wood. You'll find these tiles in many colors, including numerous shades of brown and gray. A lot of homeowners like this type of tile because it gives them the look of wood with the durability and longevity of tile. If you've spotted a tile product that you love, there are lots of places in your home where it can work well. Here are three places to consider using tile that mimics the look of wood.


While some people put hardwood flooring in their kitchens, others are concerned about the potential damage that wood can suffer in this area. If you drop a heavy object such as a canned good, it can dent the floor. If your dishwasher leaks overnight, it can cause the floor to warp. If you like the look of hardwood in your kitchen but want a product that is more durable, consider tile flooring that looks like wood. You'll have no trouble finding tiles that offer a wood-like look in a color that suits your kitchen's style.


Tile that has the appearance of wood can also be a good choice in the foyer of your home. Like in your kitchen, you might be reluctant to use wood in this part of your home because of the potential damage that it could incur from wet winter boots and gravel on peoples' shoes. You won't have to worry about these problems if you have tile in this area of your home, and a tile product that mimics wood will give you the warm, welcoming look of wood without its drawbacks.


Tiles that look like wood aren't solely usable on the floors of your home. If you're remodeling your bathroom and you want new tiles around your shower, you may wish to consider using those that have the appearance of wood. These tiles, particularly when they're brown, can make it seem as though your shower is surrounded on three sides by wood — thus giving the appearance of a sauna. You may find that this type of tile gives the shower more of a relaxing vibe than several other tile types. Learn more about tile that mimics wood at a local tile shop.

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